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Boudoir sessions are a unique and fun experience.  Due to their nature, many women want to be absolutely sure they’re ready before booking a session.  This often involves having a lot of questions.  Relax, and know that’s completely normal.  I want every client to feel at ease when they arrive at the studio, so I’m happy to walk you through everything to help you feel comfortable.

If you have a question not listed below, please feel free to email me and ask!


What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is the French word for a woman’s closet or dressing area.  In photography, it is a term used for a session in lingerie.

Where will my session take place? 

I offer a studio in my home which is private.  The studio is included in your session fee.  Sometimes clients opt to rent a hotel room or use an outdoor location.

What am I supposed to wear or bring with me?

I send a What to Wear Guide to all clients when they book with outfit ideas and a list of things to bring.  Simply put, you should have a few outfits, shoes, and accessories like jewelry.

Do you provide the outfits?

I do not currently provide outfits as it is better for clients to find a piece that fits them perfectly.  However, I can recommend some places to find the perfect pieces for your session.  I do have some accessories like pearls and a veil you are welcome to use.

How will my images be used? 

I respect your privacy and completely understand why this makes many women nervous.  Every boudoir session has a document contract called a model release.  The model release specifies exactly how I may (or may not) use your images.  I go over this model release with you in person at your session to be sure there are no misunderstandings.

How far in advance should I plan ahead if I want to give the photos as a gift? 

I highly recommend having your session at least 1-2 months prior to you needing a final product in your hand.  My schedule often is booked out 1-2 months, so please plan accordingly if you have a deadline.

Is hair and makeup included?

Many of my packages do include professional hair and makeup services.  It may be added on for a fee to any package.  I highly recommend getting beauty services with your session as it is part of the pampering experience and allows you to relax before your session and get to know me better.  My hair and makeup team are professionally licensed and do an amazing job.

I have no idea what I’m doing – will you help me during the session? 

YES!  It is my job to not only help you feel comfortable, but to coach you through the entire process and session.  I help pose you the whole time and coach you through facial expressions so you look your best!

Is there nudity involved?

This depends on your comfort level.  I send a questionnaire to all boudoir clients to get a sense of how revealing they’d like their images.  Images with nudity are NEVER shared online or in marketing materials.

I’m a little insecure about parts of my body – can you photoshop that out? 

I believe every woman is beautiful and the boudoir experience helps boost your confidence and feel more secure in your skin.  I help you look your best through proper posing and coaching.  I do not believe in “photoshopping out” as that is not a reflection of the true you.  However, each image is retouched for proper lighting, color balance and some skin smoothing.  If you have something that is very noticeable and not normally part of you (such as a scrape or bruise or a pimple), I can remove these upon request.  An additional editing fee may apply.

Do you take payments?

Yes. All sessions require a deposit to hold your appointment time. The final payment must be paid in full a minimum of 2-weeks prior to your session date.  If you place a print/product order, payments may be arranged for these; however, your order is not placed with the printing lab until paid in full.

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Jennifer is the owner/photographer for Galles Photography. She resides in Loveland, Colorado and provides photographic services all over northern Colorado.